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Green Apple, Sugar Cookie, Nougat



Luis Pedro Zelaya Zandra


San Felipe De Jesus, Antigua


Bourbon, Caturra,


1,500-1,650 MASL


Here our fandom of coffees that trace back to Zelcafé and the Zelaya family becomes increasingly evident: Like La Encenada, Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora of Zelcafé oversees the production of coffee from La Folie from harvest all the way to Bella Vista mill. La Folie farm is managed by Byron Orizábal and sits in Guatemala’s Antigua region, 50 km west of Guatemala City. Under Byron’s management, coffee trees at La Folie (of which there are a total of over 100,000, the oldest being about 40 years old) undergo aggressive pruning on a regular three-year cycle: every third year a new row of trees is pruned. Trees at La Folie are 50/50 Bourbon and Caturra varieties and produce 38,000-46,000 kg of coffee annually, all of which is processed at Bella Vista mill where the cherries are washed and completely depulped before moving on to a 15-hour fermentation period, another rinse with clean water, and a 14-day period during which the parchment is patio-dried. After drying, the parchment is rested for 30 days, mechanically sorted according to size, and finally it’s milled and packaged.

Since shifting their focus to specialty coffee production in 2000, the Zelaya family has established efficient and reliable ways to produce on a large scale without sacrificing quality. La Folie is balanced in the cup with notes of green apple and nougat, rounded out by a sweet finish.

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