We’ve always felt that good coffees possess a finer quality than mere mind-melting taste, that they are the latest rare and transient phase in a good system; that as such, and through which they provide an access point into that system and the opportunity to participate within and become a part of that ecstatic process.


The name in the letters is a refracted reference to Lord Kelvin, 19th century British
mathematician and scientist of the scale of absolute temperature and the first law of thermodynamics. That energy is neither created nor destroyed but transformed from one form to another provides us with an image analogous to coffee: a product in a state of constant flux, carried from one form to the next, evolving through various integral processes towards a desired end. A dream in lightness, of weightless presence. KLVN is a sector of sustained, ethereal energy, stained in light, gleaming outward, forward and upward, illuminating a corner in the world and structured by a connective thread, working towards warmth, subtle precision, and the radiant concept of being. It is the form of our place within this lattice structure of spangled sunlight. So come on out and hang; there’s a gentle breeze drifting through the palms, the sand’s hot and we’ve got coolers full of refreshments on ice. If you look hard enough, you can just see the
islands through the hazy heat way over there.



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